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posts / Printer status: Operational. 10/10/2018

So apparently Reprap's not a turn-key solution.
-some dork, ca. 2018

Not that I expected it to be, but it has definitely gotten me up to speed on the nuts and bolts of 3d printing. It's been a good refresher on the use of stepper motors and other hardware components, leading me to a hardware project I have been putting off for a long time. I prefer to stay quiet about that until I get the proof of concept working.

It turns out the printer I got is a MendelMax 1.5, a machine where it's sort of implied you are going to fiddle around with it to get it working right. I'm still getting it sorted out slowly but surely. My Z axis is off by a little bit, and I have a BLTouch that I need to hook up, but I have been focused on other things. Even though this machine isn't 100% awesome just yet, it can print things like motor mounts and cogs just fine, so it has been a great help in my Other Project.

This is a breif update. if I hit any gotchas hooking up the BLTouch, I'll be sure to complain about them here.