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Mostly web-oriented developer, at home anywhere or everywhere in the stack, from AWS load balancers to CSS grid layouts, and everything in between.

Technologies I'm good at:

  • Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator.
  • HTML5, Javascript, CSS, Vue/Ember/etc.
  • NodeJS, Gulp/Webpack/etc, Python, Flask, Pyramid.
  • Docker, Ansible, AWS, Content Delivery Networks, S3.

Things I have used them for:

  • Deliver quality responsive UX/UI elements, from wireframing to deployment.
  • Maintain and contribute to huge swaths of aging front end code.
  • Integrate third party technologies for things like payment processing, analytics, and A/B testing.
  • Build an entire front end assets toolchain for an existing network of sites from scratch.
  • Convince said toolchain to work in production, staging, and development, around Git release tags.

Work history:

Cartlogic, Inc

Portland, Oregon - 2015-2018

Cartlogic operates a network of ecommerce sites, as well as providing associated services (fulfillment, marketing, Amazon consulting, etc.) to other companies. My role was mostly concerned with the front end of their in-house ecommerce platform.

Contract Web Developer, Vizidrix, LLC

Portland, Oregon - 2015

Vizidrix is a consultancy that builds custom software solutions for a wide variety of clients, from major API developers to law firms.

Web Development Intern, Impact Dialing

Portland, Oregon - 2015

Providing a web based outbound calling system, Impact Dialing is a small firm, mostly working with nonprofits and campaigns for public office. As an intern I built on my Rails skillset and also performed QA duty, maintaining a couple thousand unit and integration tests.

Other projects that might also make me look good:

Don't Sleep, an art installation for the Pickathon music festival (2018).