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12/25/2021 Remotely operated vehicles

Hey kids, lets talk about robotic submarines

12/6/2020 Suspension replacement for CM185


12/6/2020 Meanwhile

New motorcycles, and minimalist web-logging schedules.

4/2/2020 Enter: 2003 SV1000S

This was a good call.

3/22/2020 On Motorcycles

Covering a lot of ground and breaking down where I'm at.

1/19/2019 On this website's design

Aesthetic: a sudden realization that you are making some really obscure references.

10/10/2018 Printer status: Operational.

So apparently Reprap's not a turn-key solution.

8/17/2018 Don't Sleep, stage 2: Pi Setup.

Our deployment and basic system setup.

8/10/2018 Don't Sleep, stage 1: Theorizing.

Project greenlit. Okay, good. How we gonna do this?

8/7/2018 1,050 plastic bottles and an XBox Kinect

Making a giant pixellated mirror-thing for Pickathon 2018.